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learner agency in the classroom

Yes, I’ve just added a link below the image of the choice board, which should give you access so you can copy any of the parts that you’d like to use. Instantly and easily applicable ways to develop agency – thank you! Elly’s recent work in Montgomery County Public schools has focused on curriculum development, school improvement and professional learning. Young people with high levels of agency do not respond passively to their circumstances; they tend to seek meaning and act with purpose to achieve the conditions they desire in their own and others’ lives. Agency involves the initiative or self-regulation of the learner. These all describe student agency and the idea of creating an educational environment where students drive their learning alongside their teachers. They were both educators and big supporters of getting an education, so when I think about the work I am doing I often think about the legacy they set in motion. If you’re an organization interested in ensuring equitable access to engagement-based teaching for every student, contact Caitlin Wolf, our Development Manager, at The desire to learn is a powerful innate drive that should be respected in all learners; tapping learners’ intrinsic motivation pushes them to work harder and learn more. Straightforward yet deeply thoughtful structures like this ensure that students feel in control of their emotions and their ability to learn, and teachers are better able to reach each individual student and support his or her growth. He has served in “C” level positions at public, private equity and private companies in the SaaS, Management Consulting, Telecommunications and Computer Hardware industries. She has worked in the District as a secondary, post-secondary and adult educator for over fifteen years. Less than two weeks before the course you will receive a 25% refund. Why is it important? Is there a way to ever really know for sure? Love the choice board Catlin. Mary is Inspired Teaching’s interim executive director and oversees the organization’s work to support teachers and their students as changemakers in education and in their communities. She is a Summer 2010 DC Teaching Fellow and has seven years of classroom experience in public and charter schools in DC and Houston, as well as experience at an international school in Abu Dhabi. Inspired Teaching alumni work as educational changemakers influencing the landscape of public education. There is value in challenging students to think through a task, assignment, or project and articulate their own path for completing that work. Lead teachers gradually release all classroom responsibilities to the Fellow over the course of the year, facilitating growth in all aspects of the profession. She lived in Nicaragua on several occasions collaborating with local organizations to develop community-based programs focused on caring for and educating vulnerable children. Individual giving highlights the grassroots support of the work we do for the Washington, DC community. She received her J.D. “What is student agency? Letting students choose books they'll read in a book club format could make the difference for many. The Inspired Teaching Institute pushes teachers out of their comfort zones so they can see how they learn best – and we all learn best when we are engaged as individuals. Very clear and brief narrative to understand and implement student agency. The Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School puts Inspired Teaching’s instructional model into action in every classroom. We grow through feedback and an understanding that the quality of our work is a reflection of what we are learning, but the shift to remote learning this spring disrupted a lot of the tools teachers were used to using to evaluate student growth. Student agency builds the critical thinking and problem solving skills students need to thrive. She began her career as a high school English teacher and has served as Director of Communications for both Inspired Teaching and the National Council of Teachers of English. In describing his experience with Inspired Teaching, he said our training helped him recognize the importance of engaging every student and enabling the class to connect lessons to their own lives. Professional learning must improve practice, curriculum and student achievement, and recipients must put professional leadership into practice by sharing what they learn with their colleagues. The month long Summer Institute jumpstarts Fellows’ thinking about teaching and learning. Van Lier, L. (2008). It also has the advantage of getting more students to lean into the learning happening in the classroom. Comprised of intensive coursework and an introduction to to Inspired Teaching’s instructional model, the summer serves as a critical community building experience for the cohort. Ask them to write their secret lesson aim at the beginning of the class and reflect on it at home. (Note the influence here of the Key Competen… This two-day course is designed to provide a background in engagement-based teaching and learning that will allow leaders to effectively support their teachers. This culminates in a student exhibition where learners present and explain their work to the community, including parents, teachers, students and invited guests. You can ask learners to do the same. This facilitation not only allowed me to share some of my thoughts, but also allowed me to learn from my peers. Create a culture of inquiry and creativity. Talk to your PTA representatives. In this type of classroom environment, educators can provide opportunities for multiple forms of evidence of student learning so that test scores are not the only source of data. At the most recent DC Public Schools’ professional development day, our SCALE teacher leaders taught their K-12 how to unleash the potential of students and deepen their understanding of content by utilizing students’ imaginations. The dream is that student agency creates an engaging, more empowering learning environment so learning is impactful and sustainable for a lifetime. Becoming an Inspired Teaching Fellow represents a long-term commitment to the field of education and to Center for Inspired Teaching. This session focuses on the ways that managers communicate with employees, namely through feedback and motivational strategies, and teaches how to use feedback effectively to advance employee learning and performance. 5614 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 258, Washington, DC 20015 // p: 202-462-1956© 2020 Center for Inspired Teaching. I’m glad you found it useful! Too often, students label the work they are asked to do as “busy work,” which is an indication that they do not understand the value of that work. As a group, we will explore various meanings and stances around equity to grapple with both the ambiguity around the word “equity” itself and its implementation in schools. He is a native Washingtonian who earned his Bachelor’s degree in Non-Western History at the University of Pennsylvania and began his teaching career in rural Georgia as part of the Teach for America program (’93 Corps). Required fields are marked *, © 2020 Dr. Catlin Tucker. She provides classroom-based support to Inspired Teaching Fellows and collaborates with lead teachers and mentors to ensure successful program completion. Cosby is the course creator and instructor for Real World History and also works with BLISS: Building Literacy in the Social Studies. At Inspired Teaching, we believe and our instructional model recognizes that every student has the potential to build the skills they need to thrive. Remember to post your project to social media, so that your friends and family can see the work you’re doing and share it with others! A simple approach is to think about the what, how, and why of a lesson, assignment, or project and give students the opportunity to answer one of those questions. Dixon holds a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College, a master’s degree in education from the University of St. Thomas, and a Juris Doctorate from the Howard University School of Law. Like the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Inspired Teaching believes that developing students’ ownership over their learning is crucial in teaching them to become creative, critical thinkers. Each day of a course is 6 hours of credit – we will provide a certificate upon completion of the course. Student agency may be as important an outcome of schooling as basic skills according to a new Harvard study. Elly’s recent work in Montgomery County Public schools has focused on curriculum development, school improvement, and professional learning. has been cited by the following article: TITLE: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Simulation in Promoting Learner Autonomy: Perceptions of ESP Hotel Management Students They were supported to take risks with their learning and were open to feedback that would improve their work. Yes!…And, online learning offers different means of achieving them. However, the ability to make key decisions about their learning is a powerful motivator for students. Topics include restorative justice, engaging children’s cooperation, redefining discipline, and providing feedback that promotes motivation and learning. This month, Real World History alum Zawadi Carroll describes how, after a semester in college, she returned for an interschool seminar on the works of Ta-Nehisi Coates – this time as a facilitator rather than as a participant. Karol has been named a “World’s Leading Trademark Professional” by the World Trademark Review WTR 1000, and an “IP Star” by Managing Intellectual Property. Teams or schools that return for additional courses or contract work may be eligible for a discount. Introduce one to one devices or BYOD and give students the freedom to use technology in a variety of ways. Curious about how improvisational theater can add excitement and build relationships in your classroom while helping students to master content? Kathryn works with a variety of individuals and small business clients, helping them track the flow of dollars generated through their endeavors. She taught in New York City Public Schools and Montgomery Count Schools for 8 years. While it’s a method of self-assessment, it also serves to guide students in what they can and should do to be better students. Karol Kepchar is a partner at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP where she assists clients in implementing an efficient, cost-effective, process-based approach to managing and leveraging intellectual property (IP) assets through litigation and licensing programs. Upon graduation, she spent one year working at DC’s first all-boys public charter school as a substitute teacher and assistant director of the after-school program. Projects can take a variety of forms, but each of them must be geared towards having a significant and lasting impact in the classroom. Agency is when learning involves the activity and the initiative of the learner, more than the inputs that are transmitted to the learner from the teacher, from the curriculum, the resources and so forth. Even though they are focused on different topics, they are still developing research skills, designing a presentation, and presenting for the class. I think a manageable place to start is with choice boards and allowing students to choose an activity or project from a few options. Our Visible Learning Goal PowerPoints link directly with the Australian Curriculum for each grade level for English, Mathematics and Science. Greetings from Peru In Education Reimagined’s lexicon, Learner Agency is the “methodological development of both the capacity and the freedom of learners to exercise choice regarding what is to be learned and to co-create how that learning is to take place” (italics mine). In my … She earned her National Board Certification in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy in 2006. Student-Teacher-Task It is important because students engaged actively in their education build deeper understanding of content. One of the big concerns teachers have about the upcoming school year is how they’ll get to know their students if their only encounters are through a computer screen or in-person but socially distanced. Hi, "The Influence of Teaching Beyond … Tap into the benefits of 21st century skills in the workplace, Enhance morale, workplace engagement, & intrinsic motivation, Develop methods for promoting innovation & effective problem solving, Strengthen analysis of complex tasks & situation, Strengthen ability to collaborate with colleagues, Enhance of ce morale & employee job satisfaction that yield increased retention, Build and maintain positive workplace relationships with a repertoire of techniques, Align informal education program goals with formal education system goals to ensure that informal programs can build on and extend what students are learning in school. In 2001, Aleta was awarded a Fellowship from Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Information that employees get from managers can be as minimal as “good job!” and as complex as a ve-page evaluation. She has volunteered as a dental assistant and Spanish translator in rural El Salvador. Formerly, served as the CFO of Determine Inc., an international provider of contract management and procurement software. John also served for six years on the corporate advisory board of So Other Might Eat (SOME), the DC based poverty services organization that is greatly expanding its job training programs. She earned her National Board Certification in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy in 2006. Kaneia Crumlin is an education consultant, writer, speaker and a native Washingtonian. I have some blogs on choice boards that may be helpful. I wanted to join a group of educators committed to this mission and found my home at Inspired Teaching. If we want students to be creative, self-directed learners, we need to go beyond student engagement and into empowerment. London: Equinox. Students teaching others develops agency in similar ways to tutoring. My resolve this year is to encourage students to manage themselves and push themselves to be resilient in their learning and their desire to learn. Can you challenge students to articulate why a task, assignment, or project is valuable? Nevertheless, perceptions of language learners as nonagentive persist. The school, a professional learning community of master teachers and teacher residents, ensures that a diverse group of students achieve their potential as accomplished learners, thoughtful citizens, and imaginative and inquisitive problem solvers through a demanding, inquiry-based curriculum. This form of leadership can be viewed as deliberate, independent decision … Asking students to define the purpose of the work they do and then decide how they want to demonstrate learning can be an incredibly powerful exercise. She also served as a school Principal and teacher in both Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Note that highly engaging environments often promote empowerment because they focus on student agency and ownership. As teachers of record, Fellows are supported by intensive mentoring as they create classrooms grounded in instructional best practices and foster strong relationships with students. Karol received her undergraduate degree from Bryn Mawr College, and her J.D. They will also experience authentic assessment from a student perspective to establish a firm point of reference in contrast to traditional assessments of learning. Allowing students agency about what they produce or create is another way to get even our most reluctant learners to lean into the learning. After graduating from college, Elly came to work for Inspired Teaching as a program officer and has worked with Inspired Teaching as a facilitator over the years. Are you interested in experiencing a different kind of professional learning that models what engagement-based instruction looks like? Her experience includes litigation, licensing and IP strategy in corporate restructuring and acquisitions. All rights reserved. Each day of a course is 6 hours of credit – we will provide a certificate upon completion of the course. Caitlin Wolf manages Inspired Teaching’s development operations, and designs and facilitates professional development. Being an AmeriCorps member is a benefit of being an Inspired Teaching Fellow, but it is not required. Christine has served as a grant management consultant to numerous non-profit organizations in the DC region and has a wealth of experience in project management and business operations. I’m going to demonstrate student agency through giving students a choice on making protest signs. By participating in conversations like #Whatisschool, I hope more and more educators, administrators, parents, and students recognize the potential of enabling student agency – and that they understand that it is necessary for students to thrive. They will learn approaches to creating engagement-based spaces for employees.

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