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german military archives

Gemeinshaft der Luftwaffe Jagdflieger Organization of Air Force Fighter Pilots, Gemeinshaft der Jagdflieger Vereinigung der Flieger Deutscher Streitkrafte e.V. The community wants to preserve the traditions of the aviator generations and critically examine the eventful history of the German armed forces. Diese Website verwendet Cookies. Military Marches of Germany and Nazi Germany. Prussian Mobilization Records, 1866-1918. Ed Hicks Press Cuttings (1916 - 2000) Air Corps Museum Collection (1918 - 2004) Truce Liaison and Evacuation Papers (1921-1922) Civil War Captured Documents (1922 - 1925) Browse through the online exhibitions compiled by our experts and discover our portals dedicated to the First World War, the German reunification and the Weimar Republic! Records of the Royal Bavarian War Ministry and Other Bavarian Military Authorities, 1866-1913. Microfilm Publication M962. More … Provide certificates confirming a person was killed in action. These records had been stored in the Military Archives Potsdam and the State Archives of the one-time GDR substation Dornburg near Zerbst/Anhalt. The reading room in the Haus-, Hof- and Staatsarchiv is open from Monday to Thursday at the usual opening hours. At the end of January 1946 the WASt returned to Berlin and received its present name, which is a literal translation of the American designation. Microfilm Publication M129. Owing to post-war laws the original task of the WASt has increased considerably. Provide certificates required by the Social Security Services, Ministry of Pensions, etc. If you are looking for a specific type of documents such as files or photos, we lead you to the appropriate online research tool. As a branch of the German Federal Archive system, this office is a contact point for information on specific personnel questions relating to those who survived WWII. An Exhibit of German Military Documents from the Heeresarchiv Potsdam, 1679-1935. It took up its duties on 26.08.39 as Office of the Wehrmacht High Command with the title "Wehrmacht Information Office for War Losses and P.o.W.s" or WASt. Introduction . Depending on the contact, replies will often not be in English. Providing supporting documentation when applying for death certificates. We are confidential cash buyers and will travel for fine and rare artifacts and collections! Hier auf unserer Homepage finden Sie hochwertige Uhren für wenig Geld. The WASt can help with the following: Please note that in accordance with the German Data Protection Law the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) is only allowed to provide information to the persons concerned, their relatives or their legal heirs, or to Authorities in the carrying out of their legal duties. Institut für Vertriebenenforschung Institute for Research of Expelled Germans. The National Archives holds over 70,000 rolls of microfilm reproducing captured German and related records, as described below. Historical Militaria and Collectible Firearms collections and estates always wanted! Altogether, the Osobyi Archive is comprised of 870 collections (designated as "fonds" in the archive catalog). Germany 1914-1918. Welcome to the German Militaria Archive. You’ve come to the right place. Internationaler Suchdienst Arolsen International Tracing Service Arolsen, Große Allee 5 - 9 34454 Bad Arolsen Germany Phone: +49 (0)5691 629-0 Fax: +49 (0)5691 629-501. The Institute for Research of Expelled Germans is an academic organisation that documents the largely unknown story of more than 10,000,000 ethnic German civilians who were subjected to deportation, compulsory labour, and in many cases starvation and ethnic violence after World War II. The institution's 2009 budget amounted to 54.6 million Euro. There is still much unpublished German original material from the period 1920s to 1940s. As per the Bundesarchiv: "Everybody shall upon application have the right to use Federal archival documents more than 30 years old unless legal stipulations provide otherwise...", Bundesarchiv - Personenbezogene Auskünfte - PA Federal Records Office - Personal Information, Bundesarchiv Abteigarten PA Eichborndamm 179 13403 Berlin Deutschland, Phone: +49 (030) 41904 440 +49 (030) 41904 100. When you contact any of these various groups and organizations, please take the time to mention this web site! SP2000cxa $ 7,500.00 Add to cart; WW2 German K98 Sling . This site began as a general photograph album archive of WW2 and has evolved over time to focus mainly on Polizei related material. Explore more on German Military. Rolf Chur Südstraße 66a 53797 Lohmar Deutschland, The community is an amalgamation of members and former members of the flying units of the German armed forces, including the support staff and members of their families. On the 14.06.46 the Allied Control Commission decreed that the WASt was to continue its work created by national and international commitments. The archive houses state records and documents from political parties, associations and organizations as well as from industrial companies and businesses. You are invited to get an impression of what can be searched for by browsing through the section "Find". The earliest German military records, which began around 1485, usually list only the names of the soldiers. During the early post-war years the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) received many comprehensive records of other military and para-military organisations. Many regional records were destroyed in the devastations of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), and it is difficult to find records before that period. The latest news as well as the information on the transfer of documents to the Federal Archives ("Offer") are available in German language only. Many translated example sentences containing "military archive" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. On the 01.07.1945, immediately before Soviet troops took over in Thuringia, the Americans moved the WASt to Fürstenhagen near Kassel. We also give you an overview of all fonds that include digitised files. 05 of 22 Aid in the administration of personal effects. A great deal of information it holds relates to WWII, and is available for use by researchers and authors. During the early post-war years the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) received many … The site is in German, but you can find the words you need to fill in the database in this German Genealogy Word List or use their handy drop down menu to translate the site into English or other language. Durch die Nutzung dieser Webseite erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass Cookies gesetzt werden. Section directed to German agencies, associations and film producers - available in German language only. It consists of the main organization, archives, groups, museums, governmental offices, etc, that should be contacted if you are searching for any of the above types of information. Skip to content The German Federal Archives or Bundesarchiv are the National Archives of Germany. After an Administration Agreement on the 09.01.51 between the Federal Government and the Land Berlin the Information Office (WASt) became an Authority of the Land Berlin. A) State and Private Archives B) Church Archives C) Archives of Concerns D) Military Archives E) Special Archives. EFL6039cxa $ 550.00 Add to cart; WW2 German Army Visor Cap Wreath and Cockade . Certain contacts also require proof of family relation when seeking information on a specific person, as kinship or family relation is a requirement for some organizations. We help you to prepare your visit to the Federal Archives, inform you about the opening times and fonds that can not be used temporarily, direct you to the right contact persons and offer a glossary (in German). Types of archives in Germany: Looking for a professional report of military events for a fallen soldier or unit? In addition, in December 1990, it took over a large amount of records of the one-time Wehrmacht for evaluation. 1939-11-14 - German Radio (Hans Fritzsche) - Comment on the attack on the Shetland Islands (2m 57s.mp3 1939-12-24 - Joseph Goebbels - Christmas Speaking on German radio (1m 34s). Because of this wide spread distribution of records, locating the proper ones is often somewhat time-consuming, since several archives must usually be contacted. Under the heading "About Us" we inform you of the organisation and the legal bases of our work. At the same time the French section of the Control Commission took over the administration of the WASt. After the occupation of Thuringia, from the 12.04.45 onwards, the WASt worked under the supervision of the American Military Commission. Galerieübersicht auf Google. They are subordinated to the State Minister of Culture and the Media, and before 1998, to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. (Fee regulations in German language), Benutzungsmedien Film online – Der Zugang zu benutzbaren Beständen, Publications of the Federal Archives (in English). Since early modern times have they been collecting and preserving documents that can help protect legal claims or improve the transparency of administrative work. Using Specific Types. Numerous private papers of … Or official documents issued in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR)? Aber wir alle haben Urgroßväter. These collections include official records from the Nazi regime, the personal papers The reading rooms of the Austrian States Archives in the central archive in Nottendorfer Gasse 2, 1030 Vienna are open from Monday to Friday at the usual opening hours. Among them are archival documents from the Prussian Army, the imperial navy, the imperial protection forces and Freikorps, the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht, the National People’s Army and the Bundeswehr (Federal Defense). 5 rolls. An illustration of a magnifying glass. The records of the former Osobyi (Special) Archive are now included in the Russian State Military Archive. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Germany 1933-45. Skip to main content. If you are considering a research visit to one of our reading rooms, would like to order copies of archival material or to ask a specific question, you will find useful hints within the section "Use". However, many German military records provide very few details about individuals oth… Then the German National Archive is the place to go; it documents German history since 1815. For information on German veterans MIA or KIA during WWII, please see WASt below. Overview. An illustration of a magnifying glass. Any person is granted access to the archive material for scientific historical research or for Find German Military Latest News, Videos & Pictures on German Military and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. Mp3 Download In the mid-1930s, the German Military Archives investigated the exploits of US Army Sergeant York in an attempt to downplay or discredit his accomplishment. This free German genealogy database contains the names of more than two million German soldiers dead or missing from WWI or WWII. German Military Records Antedating World War II. Medals & Awards Gallery 1, Medals & Awards Gallery 2, Paper Document Gallery, Headgear Gallery 1, Headgear Gallery 2, Helmets Gallery, Belt Buckle Gallery. The German branch of the international Red Cross, the world-wide emergency relief organization. WW2 German SS Police Runic Breast Badge w/RZM Tag . Because of its unique material the Information Office is approached by private individuals as well as authorities dealing with cases which concern Wehrmacht service and its effect in numerous areas. Reference copies of the microfilm may be viewed free of charge in the Microfilm Reading Room, National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 (Phone: (301) 837-2015; FAX: 301-837-0483.) Records from the mid-1800s often give information about promotions, places served, pensions, conduct, and other details concerning the soldier's military career. Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. I) Notes II) Common German Terms. In addition to providing information about foreign prisoners-of-war its main tasks were the registration of German Wehrmacht casualties (wounds, illness, deaths, MIAs), the processing of these cases including personal status control and official grave service. In der Umgebung des Google Cultural Institute kommen die Schätze aus dem Archiv besonders gut zur Geltung - überzeugen Sie sich selbst! Militaria-archive.com Online archive of ww2 military history photographs.

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